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A Long Island Vein Specialist on the Limitations Imposed by Vein Disease

Even the most energetic people can be greatly impacted by the symptoms of vein disease. Once swollen legs & ankles, fatigue, and leg pain occur, people with varicose veins tend to lose the spontaneity and energy they need to try new things. They may feel more like propping their feet up in front of the TV than spending the day out with friends or family. Some people who suffer from varicose vein symptoms feel that getting treatment will require them to take extensive time off from work to recover. In reality, modern treatment for varicose veins requires little or no recovery time. Patients walk out of the vein center immediately after treatment is completed. The symptoms of varicose veins are much more likely to hold you back than any of the treatments you need to eliminate them.

How your vascular doctor in Fresh Meadows can help you get your life back

You Long Island vein specialist offers a variety of vein treatments, including sclerotherapy, ultrasound sclerotherapy, saphenous vein ablation, endovenous laser, and micro phlebectomy. These treatments are minimally invasive and are performed on an outpatient basis. Although sclerotherapy and some of the other types of treatment may require multiple treatments, most patients begin to see improvement soon after the first treatment is performed. You may find that you are able to return to some of the activities you have been missing long before you receive your final treatment.

How varicose vein treatment stops swollen legs & ankles

Varicose veins are caused by an inability of the valves in the veins to facilitate blood flow back to the heart. The blood pools in the veins of the legs, resulting in swollen legs & ankles. During treatment, the diseased veins are collapsed so that blood is gradually re-routed to healthy veins. Dr. Julius Garvey is a skilled vascular surgeon with a great deal of experience in treating patients to eliminate the symptoms of varicose veins at the source. Call us at 516-336-8878 to schedule an appointment and stop letting vein disease hold you back!

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