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A Vascular Doctor in Fresh Meadows on Vein Disease Prevention for Teens

In spite of advances in diagnostics and treatment, there are still many misconceptions about vein disease, including who can, and who cannot, get varicose veins. Most of us think of the bulging, discolored veins and swollen legs & ankles associated with varicose veins as something that happens to aging women, but vein disease can occur in younger people of either sex, including teens. The most common cause of varicose veins is heredity, meaning that if you have a close family member who has vein disease, you have a strong risk of developing it too. Although your relative may not have developed varicose veins until they were older, some behaviors can cause the condition to develop earlier in life.

Reasons to pay attention if a teen says “my legs hurt”

It is better to take preventive measures when a teen is at risk of vein disease than it is to wait until they have symptoms and take them to a vascular doctor in Fresh Meadows for treatment. Teens who are inactive are at a greater risk of vein disease, as are those who have received leg injuries. Restrictive equipment like tight knee pads that reduce blood flow can also put them at risk. Encouraging teens to stay active in sports and other physical activities they enjoy will help keep them from sitting for hours at a time in front of the TV or computer. Wearing compression stockings during physical activity will help improve circulation during sports play. A healthy diet without junk food can also help.

How varicose vein treatment in New Hyde Park can improve your health

The potential for vein disease in teens should not be taken lightly. Dr. Julius Garvey is a vein specialist in Long Island who can evaluate the extent of any person’s risk and advise them on conservative treatment, including lifestyle changes or more aggressive treatment if needed. Call 516-336-8878 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Garvey for your teen and stop the development of vein disease before it becomes a problem.

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