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A Vein Expert in Long Island on Vena Cava Filters

One of the greatest dangers of vein disease is the development of blood clots that travel through the arteries and into the lungs where they become lodged, resulting in a serious condition called pulmonary embolism. When blood thinners are used without success, vena cava filters serve as a viable alternative to treatment. They are made from metal and are in an umbrella shape that “catches” blood clots to prevent them from travelling through the heart and into the lungs. A vein specialist in Long Island may use these tiny nets if you are not a good candidate for drug therapy, or they may be used in combination with drug therapy for better results.

The effectiveness of vena cava filters as vein disease treatment in New Hyde Park

Like any medical procedure, there are some potential risks associated with the use of vena cava filters. However, the dangers of the filters are far less than the risks associated with pulmonary embolism, which is known to be serious and life threatening. An estimated 200,000 to 300,000 deaths occur in the U. S. annually from the condition, more than the number of deaths from AIDS, car accidents, and breast cancer combined. A vascular doctor in Fresh Meadows can use this valuable tool to prevent blood clots from reaching the organs where they will pose the greatest threat to your health.

How a vein expert in Long Island inserts vena cava filters

When vena cava filters are used for vein disease treatment in New Hyde Park, they are inserted into the inferior vena cava through the blood vessels using a catheter. Like many of the treatments offered by vascular surgeon Dr. Julius Garvey, the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. Dr. Garvey has extensive experience and training to ensure that you have a safe and effective procedure with little interruption to your life. To learn more about vena cava filters and other treatments available for vein disease, call us at 516-336-8878. Don’t risk your health to serious conditions like pulmonary embolism that can result from vein disease.

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