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A Vein Specialist in Long Island on How Your Lifestyle Could Change Without Vein Treatment

You don’t have to be an active sports participant to enjoy your free time. Most of us have our own interests that we share with friends or family. It may be something as simple as a set of tennis on the weekend or as intense as a cross country bike ride. Once the symptoms of varicose veins emerge, these activities may become more difficult or impossible to enjoy at all. Pain, heaviness, fatigue, or swollen legs & ankles may make you feel more like sitting in front of the TV than doing the things you enjoy the most.

How can I enjoy my favorite activities when my legs hurt?

Our vein specialist in Long Island offers the most advanced treatment for vein disease to eliminate the symptoms that could bring your lifestyle to an end. For some people, it is the unsightly appearance of varicose veins that has the biggest impact on their lifestyle. They no longer feel comfortable wearing clothing that reveals their legs. Instead of going swimming or enjoying a day at the beach, they limit their activities to those that allow them to keep their legs covered. Minimally invasive treatment that will keep you at the vein center for as little as two hours is all that is needed to improve the appearance of your legs and prevent the symptoms of vein disease that could limit what you do.

Never say “my legs hurt” again

Vein disease often occurs in women who are over the age of fifty. At this point in life, most of us have established the activities that are important to us. Dr. Julius Garvey is an experienced vascular surgeon who understands the physical and mental impact that vein disease can have on patients. Instead of surrendering your lifestyle to the pain and embarrassment of varicose veins, call us at 516-336-8878 to schedule an appointment for vein disease treatment in New Hyde Park. Make sure you are healthy enough to enjoy the rest of your life to the fullest.

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