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Chronic Vein Disease

venousChronic vein disease is a common and treatable condition affecting roughly 50% of the American male and female population. At Garvey Vascular Specialists, we focus our attention on the proper diagnosis and treatment of this disorder.

In a healthy vein, blood is pumped back up to the heart carrying deoxygenated blood. One-way valves assist in this effort, and as the muscles contract, the valves force the blood forward within the veins. When the muscles relax, the valves shut to prevent blood from flowing backward.

In a diseased vein, the vein walls become weak or damaged, or the vein valves become stretched or injured. As the system works to return blood back to the heart, the blood flow becomes compromised and unable to flow against the force of gravity. This creates a high level of pressure in the veins, resulting in additional swelling, twisting and stretching of the veins. This disruption in the normal flow of the circulatory system is known as venous disease. Venous disease includes, but is not limited to, spider and varicose veins, leg swelling and pain, chronic venous insufficiency, leg skin changes, ulcers, phlebitis, and vascular and venous malformations.