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Conservative Treatment

Conservative Treatment

Compression stockings are one of the most commonly used treatments for varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency. They can prevent mild varicose veins from becoming worse and help reduce swelling.

Doctors have long observed that tightly wrapping the legs reduces vein swelling and improves blood circulation. When veins lose their natural strength, even normal venous blood pressure can make them stretch and bulge abnormally. In addition, the tiny one-way valves that normally help veins keep blood from backing up in the legs can be damaged.

Conservative TreatmentCompression stockings are made from an elastic fabric. They supply the resilience the veins have lost and prevent the veins from ballooning out of shape. The stockings come in different sizes, strengths, and styles. “Graduated” compression stockings are the most often recommended by physicians for patients with moderate or severe conditions. The tightest fit is around the ankles and gradually becomes less tight farther up the leg. Compression stockings are an excellent therapeutic and preventative measure to treat venous insufficiency.

Other non-invasive treatment methods for individuals suffering from leg discomfort may include:

• Periodic leg resting throughout the day.
• Elevation of the legs (suggested 6” to a foot): raised above the heart allows the force of gravity to help the fluid in the legs flow back to the heart / suggested: several times a day and at night.
• Exercise (improves circulation): walking, biking, and swimming all work the calf muscles and pump the blood out of the leg veins and back to the heart.
• Diet / Loss of Weight: lessens abdominal pressure.
• Non-use of high-heels (use tends to invalidate the use of the calf muscle).