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Don’t Be Mistaken: Wikipedia isn’t the same as a Long Island Vein Specialist

Long Island vein specialistThe Internet is a fantastic tool for learning more about, well, everything. Whether it’s checking the weather, researching nearby restaurants, or learning a new DIY technique, the Internet is an essential resource. As you likely know, there is a seemingly endless amount of health-related websites, articles, and blogs online. When you find yourself suffering an unfamiliar symptom, it’s easy to hop on your phone or computer and try to diagnose yourself. In fact, that might be why you are reading this article right now. As tempting as it can be to rely on Wikipedia and similar sites for health education, the best vein doctors in Fresh Meadows encourage you to dig a little deeper.

Can you depend on the Internet to learn more about vein disease?

The Internet can be a good place to start if you desire more information about vein disease. There are numerous sites, some of which are quite reputable, that can provide a little more insight into the symptoms you may be experiencing and complications you may be at risk for. However, not all of the information online is entirely reliable. Sites such as Wikipedia can be edited by anyone: that means there is no way to know for sure who is providing the information you are reading.

Another downside to looking to the Internet for information on varicose veins, spider veins, or swollen legs and ankles is that the data you will find there is extremely general. The people who write for Wikipedia do not know anything about your family history, your lifestyle, or your symptoms. Therefore, it is impossible for them to provide information specific to your needs. They have no choice but to write for the largest audience possible, leaving you with information so general that it may not be all that useful.

Finding information you can trust

If you have read this far, you may be under the impression that we are not very fond of the Internet, but this is not the case. We encourage our patients to visit trusted websites, such as the Garvey Vascular Specialists homepage at www.yourveinspecialists.com, to gain an overview of what vein disease is and what it might mean for your health. However, we strongly encourage our patients to view the information they find online as supplementary to what they learn from Dr. Julius Garvey or another qualified Long Island vein specialist.

No two people are the same. Likewise, no two cases of vein disease are the same. In order to find the best way to manage or treat this condition, therefore, it is important to seek individualized care from a specialist. Consulting with a vascular doctor in Fresh Meadows ensures you receive expert advice about your specific situation. You’ll learn more about what factors may be contributing to your symptoms and receive recommendations on which treatment options will most improve your condition.

At Garvey Vascular Specialists, we consider patient education to be a key component of our practice. Truly educating our patients requires time spent one-on-one with a knowledgeable specialist. Get the reliable, individualized information you need by calling our office at 516-336-8878. One of our caring and knowledgeable staff members is looking forward to speaking with you.

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