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Garvey Vascular Specialists Publishes New Article on the Impact of Swollen Legs & Ankles

December 14th, 2013. New Hyde Park, NY. Garvey Vascular Specialists is announcing the publication of a new article outlining the impact that swollen legs & ankles can have on a patient’s life. According to the New Hyde Park, NY based vein center, leg and ankle swelling can leave patients feeling tired and uncomfortable, significantly impacting their ability to excel at work and home. The center hopes the information it provides in this article will encourage patients to seek out vein disease treatment in New Hyde Park rather than suffering from swelling.

Dr. Julius Garvey, a vascular doctor from Fresh Meadows, explains that swollen legs & ankles can keep patients from getting ahead in life. “Swelling can grow worse if the sufferer stands all day, making it a particularly difficult problem for those in standing occupations.”

Dr. Garvey recommends wearing compression stockings as a short-term solution to swelling, but recommends speaking to a vein specialist in Long Island for lasting treatment. More information on the impact of swollen legs & ankles on patient’s lives, as well as on other topics related to vein disease, can be found on the Garvey Vascular Specialists website.

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