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How One Patient Stopped Saying “My Legs Hurt”

Gina remembered the twisted, blue veins that marred her mother’s appearance from when she was a little girl. Often, she heard her mother complain “my legs hurt” whenever she had to stand for any length of time. What Gina didn’t remember was her mother participating in any of the activities that she and her brother enjoyed. Her mother had never been willing to undergo painful vein-stripping surgery that was the only treatment option available to her at the time. Instead, she became resigned to living with the symptoms and missing out on family events and activities she would otherwise have enjoyed.

Changes in vein disease treatment in New Hyde Park

When Gina began to suffer some of the same impactful symptoms that her mother had endured before her 40th birthday, she decided to take action. She did some research on modern vein disease treatment and made an appointment with a vascular doctor in Fresh Meadows. He looked at her family history of vein disease and performed diagnostic tests that allowed him to observe the deep veins of her legs. His recommendation was for endovenous laser treatment. This minimally invasive treatment works well in patients with bulging, painful veins and swelling and requires less anesthesia and injections than other treatments. Gina got the treatment she needed as an outpatient and started to experience improvements in her symptoms right away.

How vein disease treatment in New Hyde Park changed Gina’s life

Since her vein treatment, Gina is no longer limited in her activities by the pain and swelling of varicose veins. The appearance of her legs has also improved and she is able to play an active role in her children’s lives. Today, Gina credits Dr. Julius Garvey with being one of the best vein doctors in Fresh Meadows. She wants others to know that they have much better options for varicose vein treatment than their mothers. Give us a call at 516-336-8878 to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Garvey and learn your options for enjoying a better life.

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