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How to Prevent Progression of Superficial Spider Veins

imagesIf you’re experiencing your first visible spider veins (also known as telangiectasias), you are not alone. Many people share your concern about the web-like, red, purple or blue lines that begin to appear on the legs and ankles, making it less comfortable to bare your legs on a sunny day. They may also itch or ache a bit.

Superficial spider veins are often more of a cosmetic issue than a health problem; however they can also be a symptom of mild venous insufficiency. This condition occurs when your vein walls and valves begin to weaken, resulting in problems returning the blood up the body back to the heart.

What can New Hyde Park, NY patients do to prevent the progression of spider veins?

An evaluation by a trained spider vein specialist such as those at Garvey Vascular Specialists is an excellent way to learn more about your personal vein condition and ways to stop or slow the progression of vein disease. People who are over age 50, women, those with a family history of spider veins, and those who must spend long periods of time on their feet are at increased risk of developing vein disease. If you are overweight, obese and/or sedentary, you are also at increased risk. Your spider vein doctor will take a full medical history and ask you some lifestyle questions to assess the probable causes of your spider veins and suggest ways to slow or stop their development.

If you are overweight, simply losing weight can be very effective in slowing the progression of spider veins. The extra weight places extra stress on your legs and circulatory system, which can lead to spider veins – so removing the stress can keep them from progressing further.

Being physically active is another good way to strengthen your circulatory system and delay the growth of vein problems. If you must spend long periods of time on your feet, you are more likely to develop spider veins, so if possible take frequent breaks to sit or lie down and reduce the gravitational pull on your legs. Your spider vein specialist may also recommend the use of compression stockings to help relieve the stress on your legs and encourage blood flow upwards towards the heart. The use of compression stockings before spider veins appear can be an effective way of preventing their appearance altogether.

What if I already have spider veins?

These strategies won’t eliminate existing spider or varicose veins. However, these days there are a number of effective, minimally invasive techniques that will permanently remove spider veins. A popular spider vein treatment is called sclerotherapy, which involves injecting a mild chemical solution into the spider vein, causing it to collapse and be reabsorbed by the body. The vein then turns to scar tissue and gradually fades away.

We’d be delighted to talk to you about the various treatment options available, the cost of spider vein treatment, and about any questions or concerns you may have. If you are in the New Hyde Park, New York area, please give Garvey Vascular Specialists a call at 516.299.8160 to make an appointment for a consultation. We look forward to meeting you.

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