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Venous Reflux Exams

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Venous Reflux Exams

Venous reflux examination is a non-invasive screening method utilized by physicians to identify valve damage, the direction of the blood flow, and the velocity of blood flow in the leg. It is often ordered for patients who are experiencing symptoms such as swollen legs or ankles, burning or itching in the legs, leg pain, achiness, or painful varicose veins. It is a valuable technique employed to determine the root cause of a patient’s venous reflux problems.

The screening process includes a physical examination and a comprehensive Doppler ultrasound. During the exam, the patient can expect to spend approximately 30 minutes with the technician. An ultrasound machine will be utilized to produce images of the veins while the legs are gently squeezed to stimulate the blood flow.

A thorough venous reflux exam affords the physician the ability to properly access and recommend the appropriate method of treatment. They are necessary for all patients with suspected venous insufficiency, those being considered for vein procedures, and especially those who are suspected of having obstruction in the veins, which can lead to a more serious and life-threatening condition known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT).