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Spider Veins

SclerotherapySclerotherapy is a common procedure used to treat diseased or cosmetically undesirable spider veins and is a procedure performed regularly by our spider vein doctor.

During sclerotherapy, a very small amount of chemical solution is injected into the vein at several points through a fine needle. This sclerosing solution causes a mild inflammatory reaction in the vein walls, which then stick together. To keep the vein collapsed after the injection, compression therapy is applied by tightly wrapping the area in elastic bandages. Compression limits the amount of blood that forms clots inside the collapsed vessel and over the following weeks the vein turns into scar tissue, effectively making the vein disappear. Loss of the vein segment, which was not functioning properly to begin with, does not adversely affect blood circulation because other “collateral” veins assume the work of the removed vessel.

Most commonly, sclerotherapy is utilized to remove the fine clusters of veins often called “spider veins,” telangiectasia, and reticular veins. Very often they are cosmetic, but can be symptomatic and associated with venous insufficiency, which tends to increase the venous pressure in the legs making it more prominent and occurring more often. Sclerotherapy is typically a cosmetic procedure used to treat veins, which do not carry any significant amount of blood flow.