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SymptomsDo you suffer from swollen ankles, discolored achy and restless legs? We can help!

At Garvey Vascular Specialists, our goal is to help our patients accurately evaluate their venous insufficiency symptoms.

In addition to the unsightly visual appearance typically seen with varicose and spider veins, these symptoms are often noted by individuals suffering from venous disease:

• Leg Pain
• Heaviness
• Tiredness
• Swelling
• Throbbing
• Burning or tingling sensation
• Tenderness around the veins
• Cramping
• Itching
• Visualization of bulging veins
• Visualization of Spider veins
• Ulcers

Our experts recognize that each symptom can vary and range from subtle to intense. Patients experiencing mild discomfort often indicate fatigue at the end of the day accompanied by a bit of swelling. Conversely, itching can be a sign of a more serious condition called “itching pruritus” leading to the beginning of ulcers.

If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms, Garvey Vascular Specialists can help!