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Endovenous Laser

Do you suffer from swollen legs and feet, achy discolored bulging veins?

Endovenous Laser AblationIf you suffer from bulging, painful veins or swollen legs and feet, endovenous laser ablation may provide the relief you need. This treatment is one of the latest forms of minimally invasive procedures designed to resolve venous conditions such as varicose veins. Compared to more traditional treatments, EVLA utilizes less anesthesia and fewer injections, while still providing excellent success rates. This procedure uses ultrasound to create a map of the problematic vein. A thin laser is then placed in a small catheter, which is directed inside the vessel. The laser generates a controlled amount of heat, which closes off the vein. Blood is automatically rerouted to healthier vessels. Bruising can occur, but most patients are very satisfied with the end results.