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Venous Thrombectomy

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Venous Thrombectomy is the surgical removal of a thrombus, or blood clot from a large vein in the body. It is a procedure that occurs directly in the blood vessel and performed by our top vein doctor, in which the blood clot resides. During this technique, a balloon catheter is used to either push the clot against the vessel’s wall, or to pull the clot out. Venous Thrombectomy has been associated with long-term improvements in vein functionality, and a reduction in the rates of pain and swelling in the legs. Patients with an acute clot in the leg veins are prime candidates for a venous thrombectomy. Additionally, when combined with thombolysis, anticoagulant medications or the placement of a vena cava filter treatment plan, venous thrombectomy has very high success rates.