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Understanding Saphenous Vein Ablation

vein_anatomyOlder, more painful and invasive spider vein treatments and varicose vein treatments such as surgical ligation and vein stripping are on the way out. These days, modern vein disease treatment consists of minimally invasive procedures that can be conducted in a pleasant environment, on an outpatient basis, with no need for general anesthetics and with excellent results. One of these treatments is called saphenous vein ablation. Following is some general information about this procedure and what you can expect from the results.

What do New Hyde Park patients need to know about saphenous vein ablation?

The great saphenous vein is one of a pair of the longest veins in the body. It begins in the foot and extends all the way up the leg to the thigh. The great saphenous vein contains 10 to 20 valves along its course, and patients who are at risk of vein disease may have weakened saphenous vein walls or valves that require treatment. Those at higher risk of vein disease include people over age 50, those with a family history of vein disease, and those who are overweight or obese. People who must spend long periods of time on their feet are at increased risk as well.

Like most modern vein treatments including endovenous laser treatment (EVLT treatment) by a laser expert, the objective of saphenous vein ablation is to permanently close and seal off a diseased vein. The closure of the vein is accomplished with heat generated by a laser or radiofrequency energy. By applying this heat to the vein, the vein walls collapse and seal shut, and the body naturally reroutes the blood through healthier veins in the area. This results in improved circulation and immediate relief of the typical symptoms of venous insufficiency, such as aching and heaviness in the legs.

Advantages of saphenous vein ablation

Saphenous vein ablation offers many advantages over older methods of treatment. The treatment usually takes less than an hour, and there is no need for general anesthesia, meaning you’ll be back on your feet and on your way quickly. There will be no scarring or stitches, so your legs will look better than ever! What’s more, saphenous vein ablation has a higher success rate and longer durability than the older surgical procedures.

If you are considering pursuing vein disease treatment, we suggest you make an appointment with our Dr. Garvey or a member of his team for a personal consultation. Before scheduling any procedures we will conduct a thorough evaluation of your vein condition. We do this evaluation for all patients at Garvey Vascular Specialists, because there are a variety of treatments available and some are better for some patients than others. We’ll make sure you understand all of your options and help you make the choice that best addresses both your health concerns and your aesthetic concerns.

If you are in the New Hyde Park, New York area, please give Garvey Vascular Specialists a call at 516.299.8160 to make an appointment for a consultation. We look forward to meeting you.

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