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A Vein Specialist in Long Island discusses new ideas to restore healthy legs

Twisted blue varicose veins most frequently occur in the legs of women over the age of fifty-five, often leading to the misconception that vein disease is a cosmetic condition that results from aging. Failing to recognize that varicose veins are a symptom of illness and not just a cosmetic problem may prevent a person from getting the treatment they need to restore the health of their legs. Even when other symptoms are absent, the overall condition should be evaluated by a vein specialist in Long Island to determine the extent of the disease and whether there are any underlying problems. A proper diagnosis is the first step towards restoring leg health.

New ideas in vein disease treatment in New Hyde Park

Advancements in vascular medicine have virtually eliminated the need for anyone to live with the pain, unsightly appearance, and swollen legs & ankles of varicose veins. Non-surgical sclerotherapy or minimally-invasive treatments including saphenous vein ablation and endovenous laser allow the vascular surgeon to treat patients on an outpatient basis. These treatments work by sealing off the diseased vein so that blood is re-routed to other healthy veins. Once a diseased vein is treated, it breaks down and fades within a few weeks. Although multiple treatments may be required, these new techniques are effective at removing diseased veins that impair leg health.

Find the best vein doctor in Fresh Meadows for your vein care

Restoring healthy legs requires an accurate diagnosis and the skills of a top vascular surgeon to provide you with the best modern treatment for you. Dr. Julius Garvey utilizes the most advanced diagnostic equipment and vein treatment methods to help each patient reach their goals for having healthier, more attractive legs. Whether the unsightly appearance of varicose veins is your only symptom or you are experiencing pain and swollen legs & ankles, Dr. Garvey will work with you to create the best treatment plan for your condition. Call us at 516-336-8878 and get back your beautiful, healthy legs.

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