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A Vein Specialist in Long Island Explains How Vein Disease Can Progress if Left Untreated

Noticing spider veins or varicose veins can be unpleasant, but for many people it is not an occurrence that prompts fast action. According to Dr. Julius Garvey, a vein specialist in Long Island, this attitude might be a mistake. Like many other medical conditions, vein disease has a tendency to grow worse if it is left untreated. What might happen if you leave those varicose veins on their own? Read on to find out.

How does vein disease progress without vein disease treatment in New Hyde Park?

Vein disease normally starts out with somewhat mild symptoms. You may start to notice signs of bulging and discolored varicose veins. These varicosities may make your legs feel a little sore or tired, or they may just be a cosmetic nuisance. You may have to put on a long pair of pants to cover them up, but in the short term varicose veins will probably only impact your wardrobe. Over time, though, this is likely to change.

Varicose veins are usually caused by damage to tiny valves inside your veins. Instead of keeping blood moving up towards the heart, damaged valves allow fluids to give into gravity and settle into your calves and ankles. As a result, swelling is likely to occur. Vein related swelling tends to grow worse over time, particularly if you spend lots of time on your feet. Your legs may begin to feel tired and achy as the swelling worsens. While remedies such as compression stockings or raising your legs may help keep the worst of the symptoms at bay, the swelling is unlikely to completely disappear without treatment.

As circulation continues to deteriorate, the skin on your legs and ankles becomes vulnerable to ulceration and color changes. As blood and fluids begin to build up in your ankles and calves, the skin in these areas will likely grow tight and thin. This skin is easily broken, and if damage occurs you may find the skin will not heal in response to topical treatments. This type of wound is known as an ulcer and may require the help of a vascular doctor in Fresh Meadows to heal. Blood that pools near the skin may begin to break down over time, causing the skin around it to become a brownish-red color. Skin discoloration is a sign of late-stage vein disease and may not be reversible.

Prompt treatment can stop this progression

As terrible as these late-stage symptoms of vein disease can sound, there is a simple solution: prompt treatment from a spider & varicose veins doctor in New Hyde Park. After determining the root cause of your circulation issues, your vein doctor can carry out a safe, minimally invasive treatment to correct the problem. Once healthy circulation is restored it is unlikely that your vein symptoms will progress further.

Dr. Garvey and the rest of the team at Garvey Vascular Specialists are here to help build a personalized treatment plan for you. We know there is no one size fits all approach to vein treatment, which is why we approach each of our patients as an individual. We’d love to get to know you better and help you protect yourself from the symptoms of late stage vein disease. Give our office a call at 516-336-8878 to learn more.

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