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Why Women Hate Swollen Legs & Ankles

There’s little to like about swollen legs & ankles. They’re uncomfortable, they’re unattractive, and at the end of the day they leave you feeling worn out and tired. While there are many reasons why someone may suffer from this issue, swelling in the legs and ankles is a particularly common symptom of vein disease. As women are more likely to suffer from vein disease than men, they are also quite susceptible to living with swelling in their lower extremities. There are many reasons why women hate this particular symptom: here are a few of the comments our female patients are most likely to make.

Why do women in New Hyde Park hate swollen legs and ankles?

The most common reason women hate swelling is because it is tiring. After a long day of working and looking after the house, most women with swollen legs and ankles find themselves able to do little but sit on the couch and say “my legs hurt!” And with good reason: this type of swelling can leave legs feeling tired and achy, leaving patients with very little energy. Women are more likely to be the ones to look after their household. Between working, cleaning, running errands, and chauffeuring the kids, few women have the excess energy necessary to deal with swelling.

Because many women spend their days on their feet, they also experience another common issue associated with leg and ankle swelling: pain. Swollen legs can be incredibly achy. In some cases the pain can be so bad that even walking becomes extremely uncomfortable.

Finally, women hate swollen legs and ankles because they are not aesthetically pleasing. This symptom is often associated with varicose veins (discolored blood vessels that bulge out from a person’s legs). Varicose veins can make anyone feel uncomfortable about how they look. Add in puffy ankles and calves and it is very easy for women to feel insecure or even unattractive. While men’s fashions make it easy to hide such blemishes, many feminine wardrobes are filled with skirts and dresses that do little to cover the lower legs. Swollen legs and ankles force many women to completely change how they present themselves to the world, a fact which can cause significant emotional discomfort.

Women (and men) have options

If you are a woman suffering from swelling in your legs and ankles, you do have options. Dr. Julius Garvey suggests contacting a vein specialist in Long Island as a good way to start. A vein doctor can help diagnose the cause of your swelling and advise you on your treatment options. Dr. Garvey also encourages exercise as a way to help relieve vein-related swelling. The muscle movements that come from walking, biking, swimming, or anything else that moves your legs can help move fluids out of your ankles and back to your heart. This will help reduce your swelling and leave you feeling happier and more energetic.

Women have many good reasons to hate swollen legs and ankles, but with the help of vein disease treatment in New Hyde Park this tiring and painful symptom can be eliminated. If you are tired of living with swelling, give us a call at 516-336-8878. We look forward to meeting you!

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